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Saturday, September 19, 2009

20 SEPT 0139

Just got back from an hour long video conference with Paul and Logan. It was awesome except poor Logan looked so exhausted and hungry. Paul had a babysitter all morning while he volunteered at Rexspo for ski patrol. The babysitter didn't feed Logan any lunch so when Paul picked him up at 1230 to go for the 1300 VTC, Paul stopped at Timmies and so Logan only had timbits for lunch. He was adorable but seemed standoffish. Probably really missing me. He ran a bit but was very tired. Paul said Logan fell off our bed again the other day. Then at the end when we were saying goodbye he said bye bye, waved, and blew me kisses. Was nice. Was wonderful to see them again.

Finished work at 2345ish and biked home. Was a good shift. I got alot of stuff done. We get free redbull at work today. 2 max per soldier per day. I only have one. Was good. My buddy lent me S1-3 of dexter which I am trying to copy on to my external hard drive but it keeps disconnecting and giving me errors. Very annoying. I am copying each episode one by one now.

I am taking tonight off from working out because I was up so early and I want to keep my routine. I am going to stay up till 0500 and then sleep till 1330ish. I have a couple of errands to run tomorrow as well before work.

My buddy JJ did a mini-tune-up on my bike the other night with some WD40 and tightened the chain. It is as good as new. Very awesome. Brakes could be a little better.

There was a hit and run accident here the other day. An american was killed. They haven't found the driver yet. Makes me sick.

That's all for now!

Love Rae-Lynn

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