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Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Yesterday was a good day. We drove into Frankfurt and went to the zoo. It was weird because it is an Urban Zoo right down town. It was very small as well. Lots of animals we couldn’t find in the pens but the ones we did see were quite different from some that we have seen before. The bears there were from India/Thailand/Phillipines area. There feet were really different. Was cool to see. We saw the lions from a distance. Tigers from a distance. The Penguins were awesome. They were so little. There was a section that you went in that was showcasing the nocturnal animals in there dark environment. Was cool. There was bats, rats, and other things. Very interesting. There was a microphone so we could hear the bats. There was an aquarium area with lots of cool fish. I found Nemo!!!! There was sea horses and it was super cool. Then there was a park in the zoo as well and we took Logan there to play. There was this huge trampoline thing that he loved and the swing was awesome. It was big enough for Logan to lay down on it as we pushed him. We were hoping he would fall asleep but he almost did and then we carried on. We saw seals, sea lions, zebras, camels, giraffes, 2 hippos and a rhino. There was also various birds, and turtles. After the zoo, we found a store on the way back to the hotel and stocked up on provisions for the rest of the week. We bought this choco-muesli which I thought would be good but we had it for breakfast today and I didn’t really like it. Paul cooked up some curried chicken for supper last night with some Uncle Ben’s express basmati rice.

Today we are planning on going to one of the open air bath swimming places but we are a little hungover so not sure if that will happen today or tomorrow. Yeah, waterpark will be tomorrow. I just took a nap and Paul and Logan went for a big walk and Logan was running around in a field. They had fun.

Last night Logan was so funny. Paul and I did a toast and clinked our glasses so Logan grabbed his sippy cup and ran over and did with us too!!! Then this morning I got him to give me 10!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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