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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I finally got mobile yesterday. We decided we would go to a mall to see if we could find swim diapers so we could go right to the waterpark today. We drove the 40 km to the mall and then walked around. It was a pretty big mall and very interesting. We looked around and finally found a pharmacy and some swim diapers. We picked those up and some hand soap for our room here. We grabbed supper there and then we were walking around and there was some guys putting on a show juggling. Logan enjoyed watching that so we watched for a bit. Then we drove back home. Once we got back, we took Logan for a little walk. At the end of the walk we found another one of those trampoline things just behind the apartment so we let him play. He was playing with another little girl who is one month younger than him. Then we came back up to the apartment, bathed him and watched a movie together.

On another note, the other day Paul found the puzzle ring that I had given him when I got here. I was happy about that. I took mine apart the other day and managed to get it back together!!!

Today we are going to go to one of the open air bath/swim places. Should be a good time!!!

Our time together is running short and I am getting very sad to leave them again. Thank goodness it is only for 65 more days. Plus I have to get some money to pay for this holiday. Went a bit over budget!!!

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

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