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Friday, September 25, 2009

25 SEPT 2355

Had a good day today. Got to bed at 0530 and then got up at 1230. Hung out and organized some files on my laptop since it was getting full so I moved some stuff to my external hard drive. Showered and headed to work. Had a hectic first 3 hours sorting stuff out since I made a mistake on a spreadsheet so 11 pax were missing from a leg. It got all sorted out but I owe someone some Timmies. Work ended up being pretty boring since I finished everything way too early and I was pretty tired. I got out of work at 2330 which was a nice surprise. I am too tired to go to the gym. Just gonna blog, wind down watching some gray's anatomy. I finished Season 3 of Dexter so that was awesome. Now I have Gray's Anatomy to watch and then the L word. I doubt I'll run out. Plus my books to read. So taking the night off from the gym and then tomorrow is the market. Can't wait.

KLove Rae-Lynn

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