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Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 SEPT 1343

Had a really good day today. After talking to Dad last night and all that excitement I ended up staying up till 0430 because I am going to try out a new routine and see how I like it. I slept till 1325, got up, showered and hung out checking my email etc. Then on the way to work I picked up a french vanilla and a bagel. I had that as my lunch and then started work at 1530. I recieved 2 packages. I received a birthday package from Aunt Marjorie and Uncle Jerry. Some awesome goodies in there especially the Victoria Secret Body lotion, a magazine and other goodies!!! I also received a 2nd wonderful package from Mom H. She sent me some books and some cardstock and patterned paper that I hope to use to make my Christmas cards. She also sent me a bottle of Shampoo and conditioner that should last me until I get home. My shift went really well and I got alot accomplished. It was also pizza night so that was really really good. Patti ended up coming in at like 2215 which was really early. She let me go home at 2330 since she was good to go. Was awesome. Biked home carrying my packages under one arm. Everything went well. Came home, couldn't blog because we had a comms lockdown. Unfortunately we lost another soldier today. Very sad.

Then I went to the gym and did a one hour workout. I did one hour on the bike for 10009 calories and just over 6 miles. Then I did 30 situps and 10 pushups. I read my book during the bike. I am reading "Audition" by Barbara Walters that Angela sent me. It is a good read. Very interesting. Then I came back, grabbed a shower, and now I am watching Grey's Anatomy. I am on Season one episode one. I guess I have never seen it. It is good to start from the beginning. I love it. I am updating my blog as we speak but won't be able to post it until the lockdown is lifted.

Will stay up till 0430 or so and then go to sleep. I will probably get up, go get my laundry and then go to lunch at the mess and chill till my shift.

Just got up at 1330 now, will go grab a bite for lunch. It took forever to fall asleep last night. Sometime after 0500. Will go to lunch, then laundry etc.

Love Rae-Lynn

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