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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As per our normal it was a long and exhausting day. Poor Paul kept reading the GPS in Paris wrong and we kept going the wrong way and having to recorrect. Probably blew an hour on that. We got up this morning and I booked us a hotel in Ypres or Iepers as it is known now in Belgium. This is where Flander's fields is. We were hoping to hit juno beach, then vimy and then here. Well, we didn't get to Juno Beach till 1500 or so and then we decided to go straight from there to ypres since it was getting so late. We ended up stopping to drive around Dieppe and grab supper and then continuing on to Ypres. We are bagged. It is 2250 and we got here at 2215. Logan had a little nap on the way as well. We will have to back track tomorrow to Vimy. This hotel room is amazing though. It says queen bed but it is a king definitely. 89 euro and free buffet breakfast, free wi-fi, and free parking.

Logan was a trooper today with all of the car time. I was even sick of it.

Hopefully we will get some rest tomorrow and see where tomorrow has us. We are considering flying to Rome for a couple of days when we get back to frankfurt.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan.

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