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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Had a really good day yesterday despite what Dad is going through.

I stayed up till 0300 and then went to sleep till 1130. I got up and went and finalized my claim for my travels. The whole thing cost us around 8000, so $5000 out of our own pocket. I grabbed a bagel at Timmies on the way there. My chain kept falling off the track on my bike which was annoying but I'll adjust it tomorrow night. A buddy is bringing his wrench to work as well as some wd-40 for my chain. Then I came back and went to the gym. I did a one hour workout. I did 45 minutes on the bike for 735 calories burnt and 4.5 miles. I did 15 min on elliptical for 210 calories burnt and 1.33 miles so a total of 945 calories burnt. Was really really good. Then I came back and went for my shower. The water was shut off so I had a good old water bottle shower. Was going to update blog before work but took longer in the shower so didn't have time. Then I biked to work. I grabbed a red bull on the way in. I had only had a bagel at lunch and then my workout so got pretty low by 1800 or so. Was really busy till 1900 or so and then grabbed some supper at the mess and brought it back to my desk. I saw 99er tonight. Was cool. He welcomed me back and asked about my vacation. Was great!!! He gave me like 3 hugs before I left to go on vacation. He is wonderful. He is our general and he knows me by first name which is really nice. And not because I screwed something up.

I found out I have a package waiting for me at the air wing that I should get tomorrow. I think it is from Mom H and I am soooooo excited about it.

Dad makes his way back to Deloraine today. I should hopefully get to talk to him at 0230 my time which is 1700 his time. I am going to call anyways and hopefully it will be arranged. I will be very disappointed if it doesn't work out. I miss him so much and was so worried. Thank you to everyone for your prayers for my Dad and your concerns. I really appreciate it.

Paul got a cheque for $1000 to cover off his hotel and meals for the beginning of the flood as well as a cheque for the fridge. Must be an enviro cheque or something. Will help to get us back out of the hole from our vacation before we get charged interest. Should be fine. I did my claim with the military and I will get that $3000 in a couple of weeks. We paid that a couple of months ago so will be nice to throw this towards the other $5000 we owe.

I am thinking that the insurance must be covering us and it must be over $25000 or they would just make the $1000 on hotel and meals our $1000 deductible that we owed.

I experienced a huge miracle today. I weighed myself before my workout and I was 194 lbs. That was exactly what I was before our trip and we ate sooooooo much crap. I was ecstatic. I thought I gained it all back! Good news so I can keep working and hopefully lose another minimum 15 pounds before I go home but hopefully more although I seem to have plateaued. I have to kick my butt into gear. I only eat 2 meals a day now though. something for lunch and then a supper.

Nate just had his second birthday. Logan's is coming up on October 5th. I am really going to hate missing it. Maybe they will go down and visit Margorie and Jerry and celebrate it with them. Maybe Mom & Dad H will fly out to celebrate it with them. It is Dad H's birthday too!!!! Just putting the bug in their ear.

Last night I had a great phone conversation with Rolly and then talked to Grandma R. She is doing well although worried about my Dad as you can imagine. Must have been really hard for her not being able to see him while he was in the city. Auntie Evelyn visited him which was nice. I am sure all the sisters were worried. Jen reassured me. She said her Grandpa lived another 20 years after his heart attack so I am hoping that is what happens with my Dad. I found out that Grandpa Art isn't doing too well and will be moving in to a home and that Grandma Edith has shingles. My Mom has been in the city for the last 2 weeks helping out Grandma.

Love Rae-Lynn

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