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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

28 OCTOBER 2256

Had a good day. Got to bed at 0200 or so and got up at 1000. I watched an episode of the L word and then showered, and got ready for work. Had lunch and then went to work. Was insanely busy the whole time again. Went well though. Came home, did the laundry run, and then watched a few episodes of the L word. Then at 2130 I went to the gym. I did 10 minutes on the elliptical for 150 calories burnt and .93 miles, and then I did 35 minutes on the bike for 3.6 miles, and 574 calories burnt. Then I did 40 situps and 10 pushups.

Now I am watching an episode of dexter, then some more l word and then to bed. Trying to go to bed by midnight so I can start getting up earlier.

I think my front 2 teeth are sore from the whitening toothpaste I am using. I asked my dentist so I’ll see what he says.

Paul sent me a couple of emails saying Logan peed on the toilet yesterday. He also said that Logan said Nana during his bath!!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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