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Friday, October 30, 2009

31 OCTOBER 1018


Went to bed at 0230 or so and got up at 1100. Set my alarm for 1000 and then dozed till 1100. Showered and headed to lunch and then work. Work was really really busy and was good for the most part till 1700 when we had another soldier wounded in an IED strike. He passed away from his wounds at the hospital. It was very very sad.

Went to supper after my shift at 1900, then did the laundry run and then watched some L Word, while I did some more work on my Christmas cards. Going to mail them from here and take advantage of it being free. Will save me $50.

Paul sent me an email this morning. Here is an exerpt from it.
So your son made me call poison control tonight. We were at the idiens park playing with Tikka and running around. Then Tikka took a shit. I couldn't find it. I was looking and looking. Then I heard logan spitting (the same noise he makes when he spits out food he doesn't like). So I turned around and he had a mushroom in his hand. With two bites out of it. I called 811 and they refered me to poison control. I brought the mushroom home with us so I could describe it. They said it sounds fine (not poisones) but the rule is if it is poison and what you eat less less than the size of a quarter you'll be fine. He said to check on him before I go to bed and again in the morning in case of delayed on set. I'll inform Brenda to keep an eye on him tomorrow aswell. Oh and he is a champ at eating salad now. We had supper tonight then split a salad. And he eats from a booster seat at the table now. He gets mad when you put him in his highchair now.

Thank goodness Logan is ok.

My little man is getting so big. Booster seat and all. I can’t wait to give him the “big boy” bed when I get home.

Looking forward to the market. Only 3 left!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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