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Thursday, October 22, 2009

22 OCTOBER 2303

I couldn't fall asleep till 0500. Slept till 1100. Woke up, showered, went to lunch. Felt like crap. Felt crap for the first 4 hours or so at work before I felt alright. The nausea was back and my crappy sore throat.

Shift went well. I was a little tired because I couldn't sleep very well last night.

Then it was pizza night at 1900 so that was great. Came home, did the laundry run. Then I started watching the L word. It is really good.

I forgot to mention the other day, I saw Ryan Herbert at the mess at lunch. Was cool. He just got here. Haven't seen him since Dean and Hannah's wedding. Small world, 2 kids from Manitoba seeing each other over here!!

Can't wait till the market on Saturday and looking forward to a video chat with the boys.

Got a package from Aunt Eileen today. She sent me a nice card and 4 pretty autumn leaves to decorate my tent space.

Love Rae-Lynn

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