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Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 OCTOBER 2238

Went to bed at midnight for a change. Was good. Got up at 0815. Went to breakfast and ended up staying there chatting for longer than I would have liked. Then I came back and called Paul. We had a good chat. He has his first aid exam on Sunday. Logan is going to wear the elephant costume again this year. It still fits him. Will be fun to compare the pics to last years!!! I hope they have fun. Logan colored in a ghost at daycare and they made cupcakes. Brenda is so great. Love her!!!

Last night Paul and Logan carved pumpkins and then they baked the pumpkin seeds. Logan loved eating them.

Then after our chat I came back and went for a shower. Then I rushed down to the market at 1035 and it didn’t end up opening until 1120 so I waited for a long time. Was standing there sweating in the sun. Was a good time though. I picked up Seasons 1-2 of Californication and Burn Notice S1-2 for Paul and I. I picked up a 15 disk winnie the pooh series for Logan. I hope he likes it. I bought a keyboard skin for my laptop. It lays over the keys and keeps dirt and dust out. Would have been handy before the tour. I love it though. Will grab one for Paul next week. I also picked up the first 4 disks of Gray’s anatomy season 6. Can’t wait to watch them and catch up to Paul. I also picked up a notebook cooling fan for my laptop to keep it nice and cool. Seems to be doing the trick.

Hope everyone has a great time trick or treating tonight. I have a video chat with Paul and Logan that I am waiting for. Hopefully it will be as good as last week!!!

2 more markets left!!!!

Had a wonderful video chat with Logan and Paul tonight!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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