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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

27 OCTOBER 2348

Had another good day. Totally feel like I am getting better.

I didn't sleep that great but oh well. Got up at 1045 or so. Showered, and went to lunch and then work. It was good but crappy. All of the work that I did on the 25th, inputting all of the express routes for November was for nothing. I spent my whole shift on the 25th working my butt off. Then the database crashed yesterday and it was all erased so I spent this whole shift putting them all back in again. Good times. Was getting a headache towards the end.

Finished up at 1840 and then I ran into Saleem and we went for supper at Niagara. was really good. Came home, watched some L word. My butt is sore from my bike ride yesterday so I took the night off. Still not 100% but I will be better. I'll hit the gym again tomorrow night!!!

Paul sent me an email and said that Logan said "sit down" yesterday. He is starting to repeat everything now!!

Can't wait to see my boys.

Love Rae-Lynn

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