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Thursday, October 1, 2009

2 OCTOBER 0052

Had an alright day today. I woke up today feeling nauseaus. Didn't go to lunch. I bought some crackers at the px and had them and then grabbed a bagel at timmies on the way to work. Work went well. was pretty quiet. Had a few things going on. It was pizza night so that was great!!! Finished work at 2340 and came home. Got an email from Paul right when I got home. I went to the phone and had a good chat with him. He is home sick yesterday and today. Poor guy. They had a crazy workout at PT on tuesday and maybe that had his immune system down enough for him to get sick. He is feeling better and will be alright. Was great chatting with him.

Logan's birthday is coming up on Monday. Paul bought him this nice motorcycle thing to ride up and down the street. I guess he went to the garage the other day and Logan was with him and he saw the motorcycle in the garage and started freaking out cause he wanted it. Paul took him inside and he said Logan whined about it for an hour. Paul will give it to him on Saturday so he can play with it on the weekend. I'm going to have a video chat with them at 1300 on saturday. Is so nice chatting with them at home now instead of at the MFRC.

I finished my chat with Paul and decided to give myself another night off from the gym. My throat is still sore and my voice is all weird from what ever has me sick.

47 days left here!

Love Rae-Lynn

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