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Saturday, October 17, 2009

18 OCTOBER 0032

Had a great day. Went to bed at 0200 or so. Got up at 0945, showered, chatted with Paul a bit. Then I headed to the market. I picked up S1-7 of Monk. It is about an obsessive compulsive detective. Paul and I saw an episode on our holidays and we liked it. So I picked it up. Also picked up some more Christmas gifts. Have a couple more to do but hopefully next week. Then I have to mail this stuff home. Takes up so much space.

Then I headed to work. Went well, got alot of stuff done. Was great. My friend Leo brought me a hazelnut chocolate bar so that was a nice treat. Then I grabbed supper after my shift and came home. I was waiting for Paul and Logan to come on for our video chat but he wasn't there so a friend called him and told him to come on. One of the babysitters cleaned up a bit and Paul couldn't find the web cam. He ended up calling the babysitter to see if she put it somewhere but she said she didn't touch it so maybe Logan hid it. Paul ended up using the old one which was better than nothing because I really wanted to see them. Logan was very disinterested in me although he did smile at me at first and said hi, and also said bye at the end. He was going to sitter for 8 hours for Paul's take a break time and Paul was going salmon fishing. Hopefully he'll catch some big ones.

Then after our video chat, I called Grandma Richard and we had a nice chat. I am excited to see her on the holidays. Then I called Rolly and we had a nice chat too. Will be nice to see everyone over the holidays and watch Rolly & Robyn bond with Logan again.

Then I came back to my room and watched some private practice. Then at 2300 I headed to the gym. I did 55 minutes on the bike for 976 calories burnt and 6.12 miles. I then did 31 situps in 53 seconds and then did 14 push-ups. Was really good. Grabbed a shower and now I am back in my room. Gonna watch some more private practice and then go to bed.

Next weekend Paul has a ski thing all weekend so Logan will be staying with Aunt Marjorie and Gerry all weekend.

Got an awesome package from Nadia. She sent me 2 pairs of cat socks and a "Canadian" t-shirt. Was awesome.

Felt horrible this morning when I got up. I totally thought I was gonna puke. Grabbed a bagel on the way to the market.

Love Rae-Lynn

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