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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

7 OCTOBER 0048

Went to bed at 0430 or so and up at 1300. Checked my emails and then went to lunch and then picked up laundry. Showered and went off to work. Was busy for the first little while sorting out stuff and then read a bit of my book. Finished up at midnight and biked home, washed my face and then sat here reading to finish my book. I t is called the Book Club and is by Mary Alice Monroe. Mom H sent it to me. It was really good. I have one more book left that she sent me. Will be starting that tomorrow probably.

I have got to the part in Grey's anatomy where the private practice characters come in. It is wonderful. Can't wait till I get to season 5. I have missed so many episodes and didn't even know it. It is sooooo good starting from the beginning and getting all caught up.

It is really cooling off here at night. Maybe we will start shutting off the A/C?? Still warm during the day though.

Looking forward to the resort in Cyprus. I think it will be a blast. I should have 2-3 days off there to explore and have fun. Definitely going to the spa and maybe renting a motorcycle to tour around the island with friends! Maybe deep sea fishing! Who knows but it will be fun.

And then home to my Boys!!!

Oh yeah. Paul emailed me the funniest story today. He said on Saturday after we had a video chat that he was going to home depot to buy some stuff. Probably for the pantry which he has put in wonderful shelving. Pics posted on his facebook. They are awesome. He did a wonderful job. I'll have to pull some pics off of facebook of Logan's birthday too. So they were outside and he was moving the carseat from the car to the truck and Logan was in the truck and so were the keys. I guess the door shut or he shut it or something and then Logan either locked the doors or something. So Logan was locked in the truck with the keys. We only have one set of keys since Paul lost the other set awhile ago. So he went in the house which was luckily unlocked and called tow truck and then went back to try and coax Logan to lift up the lock and let him in. Logan kept going "NO" and laughing. Then 5 minutes before the tow truck came, he unlocked the door. Sooooooooooooooooo funny! My little man.

Love Rae-Lynn

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