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Sunday, October 18, 2009

18 OCTOBER 2232

Had a great day. Went to bed at 0200 and up at 1100. Took me awhile to get to sleep but finally slept. Got up, showered, and headed to work a little early. Leo was bringing me some BK for lunch. He didn't get there till 1300 so I was about to give up hope but it was good. Work went really well. I was really busy so that was good. Got alot of stuff done. Finished up work and biked home. Did the laundry run and then went to supper. Saw an old friend from 2004 so stayed at the mess a for awhile till 2040 or so.

Went to the phone and had a great chat with Mom & Dad H. They are back from hunting. They heard some moose and I think saw one but didn't get any. That got some pheasants though. Was really nice to talk to them. I called Grandma Edith but she wasn't home.

Then I ran into some co-workers at old canada house and chatted there for a bit.

Just got back to my tent and it is 2230. Started to update my blog and I'm watching some private practice.

Hopefully I'll get another video chat with Paul and Logan but maybe not. We'll see.
Love Rae-Lynn

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