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Friday, October 16, 2009

17 October 0933

Typed this last night but my internet wouldn't work so uploading now.

Had a good day. Went to bed at 0200 and got up at 1100. Showered, and went to lunch. Went to work. Went alright. Still have the phlegmy cough. Finished work at 1840, biked home. Did the laundry run, and then went to supper at the mess. Was steak and shrimp. Was good. Came back, watched some private practice and then made some phone calls. Talked to my Mom. Was good. She thinks that maybe my hairloss is due to a thyroid problem. I normally get that checked because she has a thyroid problem but will get it checked when I get home.

Talked to my Dad. He is doing good. We had a nice chat. Then I was able to talk to Paul for a bit. He was at work so we couldn't talk very long. Was nice though.

Tomorrow is market day so I am super excited about that!!! I'm gonna go to bed at 0100 and get up at 0900, shower and get ready to go to the market. Got a little more Christmas shopping to do.

Love Rae-Lynn

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