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Saturday, October 3, 2009

4 OCTOBER 0008

Had a good day today. I went to bed at 0300 or so and got up at 1000. I was able to cah online with Paul till around 1120. Then I got ready and went to the market. It was fun. I was there till around 1300 I guess and then I biked home, went to lunch, showered, and relaxed till work. I was able to pick up Season 1 of Swingtown. I noticed my S1-5 of grays seemed to be missing some cd's. There was only 5 and when I checked it the last one didn't seem like the finale that Paul had told me about. So I asked the guy and he said that if it says complete all season then it has them all. I said I had that but was missing some. He gave me a separate collection of Season 5 and said to bring the other dvd's back next week. I checked the new ones he gave me and it is complete so I am ecstatic that in a week or more I will be all caught up with everything that I have missed since I have been gone. It is so good seeing all of the episodes in order. I love that show. Work was alright today. I finished my book "infidel". It was a really good book.

I am excited that Mom and Dad finally have high speed internet at their house and will be able to have web chats with Paul and Logan and even me!!! So awesome!

It is really cool out tonight. The weather is a changing.

I feel even worse than I did yesterday. My nose is running and my throat is really sore and I have a hacking cough.

Paul should be back on the 8th so 6 hour shifts start on the 9th and I will be working from 1230-1900.

I will be home with 99% certainty on the 25th of November. Can't wait to see my boys.

I am having a video chat with Paul and Logan in 12 minutes or so. I can't wait. I hope Logan isn't too tired. At the end of the chat Paul is going to give Logan his birthday present and I can't wait to see how happy he is. He is gonna be soooooooo happy. Paul bought him a cake with his name on it for his birthday. He said Logan was whining all the way from the store because he wanted to eat it. Then the girl guides came by selling cookies and he ate 6 of those and wanted to eat the whole box but Paul wouldn't let him.

Also last night Paul put Logan on the potty as he always does every night before his bath. Logan was crying and upset and didn't want to sit on the potty but Paul kept him there and then he finally peed. Paul gave him tons of high fives and lots of cheering. Then they were laughing together. Was such a cool story. I'm so proud of my little man.

Love Rae-Lynn

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