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Friday, August 14, 2009

14 AUGUST 2133

Had a pretty good day today. One of my computers isn't working since yesterday so it is really annoying because i need it. I am logged on to it on the computer beside me because that guy is away but it really reduces efficiency. Was really hot here again today. An ongoing trend. I can't wait till the rainy season. Watch me then...lol

I biked home after work and then did the laundry exchange. So much faster with the bike.

One civilian that I met was here for 11 months and left today. She will go to the UK for a couple weeks holiday and then home.

After the laundry I went over to Old Canada House to see what books are there. They don't have much of a selection and most of them are in French. I finally managed to find what looks decent. It is called The Ha-Ha by Dave King.

I finished the Time Traveller's Wife last night. I loved it alot. I can't wait to see the movie with Paul. The book was fantastic. Should have it in the mail this weekend to Robyn in Deloraine. For those that don't know, she is one of my wonderful sister-in-laws. Got an email from Mom H, she is gonna send me a couple of books. I told her I wanted to read the new one by Dan Brown called the lost symbol as well as 3 cups of tea. She said she picked some up to send me.

I joined the dvd club today. You pay $20 and you get a rental card. You can take one movie at a time and keep it for how ever long you want. Then at the end of the tour, you return the card and you get your $20 back. Today I borred Nights in Rodanthe even though I heard it wasn't a "happy ending". I still really enjoyed it. The waiting is sort of like the waiting you do here. Waiting to see your loved ones again!!!

Then I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the bike for 3.36 and 551 calories burnt. I wanted to do at least 40 minutes and then do some situps and pushups since it has been forever but I can't mention why but I was interrupted. So after the interruption I just showered and came home and then I am blogging, and I started to watch "Little Miss sunshine". Paul saw it awhile ago and tole me it was really good.

6 more shifts!!!

I hope I can run out quickly to the market tomorrow for 10 minutes to check if there is any new dvd's. We'll see how crazy busy I am. I have the bike now so it makes it super quick for me to run out to the market and get back to work.

Our Austrian relatives are really excited for us to come and visit!!! Will be awesome.

Paul wants to see:

I want to see a concentration camp, Vimy, juno beach around Normandy France, Flander's fields (from what I've seen on the internet it's in Belgium), Paris, Vatican (would be nice if there is time), Berlin (again if there is time, it's way out of the way). and swim in the Mediterranean.

I will just be happy to see my boys! I want to see Rome though. I have seen almost everything else on Paul's list, although I haven't swam in the med yet.

Love Rae-Lynn

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