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Friday, August 7, 2009

7 AUG 1631

Had a pretty good day today. I split a bike with Patti. Only cost me $12 and it is super handy. I biked to work this morning and then dashed off to the sick parade. Only took me 20 minutes total and they hooked me up with an arm brace and some ibuprofen. Was good, then back to work for a very busy day. I didn't get to go and grab my lunch till 1345 or so. Today went pretty quick though.

My internet is working right now but wasn't working this morning or last night. So that is why I just posted my entry from yesterday.

Talked to Paul this morning. Apparently if the damage is over $25,000 then I don't have to pay my $1000 deductible. Here's hoping it's over $24000 since his hotel was $1000 already. Paul should bring the animals home today some time. Father Arek said that Bear hides all day and then sleeps with him. I wonder how he is enjoying that?

My friend Matt is an American who works in the HQ with us. He gave me a pair of US issued Oakley's today. Super cool!!!

Gonna try and drag my butt to the gym tonight.

Can't wait to see Paul and Logan. I am getting super excited about it. I only have 13 more work days, then a day off here most likely, and then my flight out. So excited.

I am sure Paul can't wait either. I hope they work on the house and have it done when he gets back.

Gonna look like we had a grow-op on our hydro bill from all of the heaters and de-humidifiers they had plugged in.

I should have a really slow day at work tomorrow so hopefully I can run out to the market!!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

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