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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 AUGUST 1915

I woke up at 0730 this morning I think. No Air conditioning here but was alright. Logan slept till 1000 when I woke him. He had a poopy bum and I could smell it when I went in the room.

We had a lovely breakfast and then we went over to Great Aunt Mary's house for a visit and then to the church beside her house. Logan was a little cagey. I think he was still tired. He ran all the way up the hill to the church. Beautiful view, then the cemetery to see where Paul's great Grandpa and great grandma are buried.

Then we drove to the schnitzelhaus for lunch. Logan seemed really tired there. It was 1500 or so. I thought we were coming back here but then we went to Great Aunt Anne's house for a visit. We also stopped at the audi dealership. The GPS in the car is in english mode but it talks in German. Asks us to put in the language disk and load it but the disk inside the car won't eject. Audi guy couldn't fix it and was taking too long so we gave up. We will just keep watching it for the navigation vice listening.

Then we got back here at 1645 or so. I took a nap with Logan and just woke up at 1900. Paul is gone to some lake with Karl and Maria and Logan is still sleeping. I woke up and Aunt Mary was here and we couldn't communicate very much at all. I think they will be back at 2000. Regina just got here.

Tomorrow we are going to Vienna.

Bye for now

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan

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