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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

05 AUG 1639

I had a good day at work today. Was busy so it went fast. They came in to clean the air conditioners as well so hopefully that will make them work better.

Left work at 1600 and walked home. It was hot but not like yesterday when it was like 56 or so.

Came home, and the internet works so just checking email, facebook, and updating my blog with the post I did last night that I couldn't make.

Found out I have carpel tunnel syndrome. Had no idea. Every now and again my arm acts really really weird. Like pins and needles and sometimes like I can't even feel it. I was describing it to my WO and he said it sounds like carpel tunnel and it all makes sense now. It is the weirdest feeling and can be painful at times. Luckily it doesn't happen every day but I'll have to get it looked at when I get home to prevent it from getting any worse.

It really sucks that I didn't get a video chat on the weekend and not sure the next time I will. Our webcam is packed up along with everything else.

Paul is physically and emotionally exhausted and I hope that his work gives him a couple of days off to recuperate and de-stress.

Can't wait till our trip. I should only have 15 shifts left!!! yeah!!

Hope everyone is well.

Love Rae-Lynn

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Gillian said...

I have carpal tunnel too and the only thing you can do for it is to wear a wrist brace as often as possible. Especially at night when you're sleeping. It really does make a huge difference! Will you be able to get one there? If not I can send you one, or get one to Paul to bring to you. Just let me know :)