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Sunday, August 30, 2009


wowsers. Finally got to Paris and finally have an internet connection. I checked the email and Mom H was freaking out and hearing nothing from us. What can you do when you are on the road and don't have internet access. Yesterday was completely exhausting to say the least. We took off from ferrara after a wonderful breakfast and headed towards Pisa. We got there in the afternoon and managed to find it even though there were no signs. Pics are downloaded on Paul's computer so will have to use his to log on next time to add some. He was going to take the tour but was full till 1700 and it was 1500 so we didn't want to wait around. Grabbed some pics and paid to pee once again!!! Good times. Then we hit the road again. A few wrong turns later, thank goodness for GPS, we stopped in a town called Arezano so Paul could swim in the Med. We did that and then hit the road again. I wanted to stop at 2000 at the latest but we couldn't find anything till 2100. We found this little place can't remember the name right now. 80 euros including breakfast, no free internet, but free parking. No A/C either but was alright. We grabbed showers, and then Paul went out to grab us some food. He scored us some frenchfry/meatball pizza. It was delicious!!! Yummy. Then we went to sleep, got up this morning and had the free breakfast which wasn't that great, and then hit the road again. Today we made it all of the way to Paris. We started looking for a hotel room and they were all retarded expensive so we parked and found an internet cafe and found one for 60 euros per night and booked 2 nights. I put the address in the GPS as 12 rue Leon vice 12 rue Leon frot. So we went to the first one and it was in a very sketchy neighbourhood. People were backing into cars trying to park, then we realized it was the wrong one and put it in correctly. Got here at 2030 and saw no parking so we were driving around because it was suposed to have parking, then finally paul dropped me off and I went in and he gave me a fob for a parking garage. We were ecstatic. Grabbed our bags, carried Logan in his stroller up the stairs and in we came. This was supposed to be a 150 euro per night room. It isn't great but for 60 EURO we can't complain. It has a double bed only and a shower and a toilet and a sink and the TV has no volume so it is very quiet. The elevator is also sooooo small. Oh well. Better than no elevator. We got totally gouged on roads/tolls in both Italy and France. One tunnel was 30 euro and one was 40 for the highway. Logan travelled like a champ. No major meltdowns. Was nice since we know it isn't fun for him in his carseat so much. Driving in Paris sucks. People were cutting us off and honking, motorcycles everywhere. Paul had the shakes after we finally got here. I had wanted to stay outside the city and then use the subway but Paul didn't understand. Oh well, we are here now and the car is safe underground. Tomorrow we will see the sites of the city and then move on to Juno Beach and then off to Vimy and then Ypres Belgium. I love all of Logan's cuddles. He is such a wonderful soul. He is saying new things all the time. I get him to say Yo which is yes in German. So adorable. Logan and Paul had fun running around at the rest stop today. I still can't get over the price we had to pay for diapers. We couldn't wait till tomorrow when more would be open. Had to buy from a pharmacy.

Hmmmm. What else. I guess that is it for now.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul & Logan. Will have a tight sleep the next 2 nights in our little bed with Logan.

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