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Friday, August 21, 2009

21 AUGUST 1846

Had an awesome day. Last night I went and took out "Munich". I never had any interest in seeing it but Paul saw it awhile ago and said it was good. It was descent. Watched 2 hours of it and then read my book. Had a rocket attack at 2240 or so. Then I was up reading till 0100 and then went to bed.

Set my alarm and got up at 0910 so I could call Paul. He can't wait till our vacation either!! He got the letter in the mail from me saying he is allowed to travel with Logan.

We talked for 35 minutes or so. Was great. I did some more planning for our trip. We are going to drive to Munich after he picks me up. I have booked us in to a b&b There. Looks nice, will get up and go to Dachau concentration camp. I went there in 2000 but Paul wants to go. Then we will check out a bit of Munich and then hit the road again enroute to Jabing. We are so looking forward to seeing the cousins and more of Austria. We will spend a couple of days there and then drive to Italy. Hopefully make it to Rome, and then a day there, and then head up to Paris. It is around 15 hours drive from Rome to Paris, then visit around Paris and go to the Louvre, and the Eiffel tower, L'arc de triomphe and the champs elysees. Then go to Dieppe, Vimy, juno beach, gold beach, ypres, and flanders fields in belgium. And then we will make our way back to Frankfurt. Hopefully we will be able to relax along the way and not spend the whole time in the car!!

Paul told me a cute story about Logan. They went to Lorna our neighbours last night to see if she would water his vegetable garden when he was away. She picked up Logan, and then Logan looked at Paul and waved and said "bye-bye" because he wanted to stay with Lorna. So cute.

Got the postcards mailed to Lynn today.

So after my phone call with Paul, I grabbed a shower and then went to Timmies and bought a bagel. Walked around the boardwalk and ran into my friend Mark. Said goodbye to him since I am leaving. He paid $1200 for a rental in france for 2 weeks so ours for $760 or so for almost 20 days is a decent deal. Then I went to the Dutch PX walked around a bit. Then I went in to work to see Sven and see if he had any questions. Hung around there for probably an hour or so and then biked over to the french PX. Nothing there. Then I went to the mess for lunch and Paul and Patti were there so I sat with them. Then I went to the American PX. Nothing there, so then I came home, finished the "HA HA". Good story I guess. Then I went and got a refund on my internet since I leave tomorrow so had to cancel it. Then I picked up my last bit of clean laundry and returned Munich and the book. I then went to my HLTA briefing and the post office. Then I came back here, blogging, packing and then bedtime.

Love Rae-Lynn

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