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Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 AUGUST 1922 BLOG POST #200

Hi there.

Had a good day. I forgot to mention that Paul went fishing yesterday. He caught 2 fish and Henry gave him 2 so he had his limit. Today was crazy boring at work. I had a computer system down so I couldn't do anything and nothing was going on. Was very tiring being so bored. Oh well. Finished at 1530 and left. Came home, changed, and then I had to go and get the key for my video chat. Picked it up and then mailed my book The Time Traveller's wife to my sister-in-law Robyn. Unfortunately I forgot Lynn wanted post cards for school and I hadn't bought them yet. I picked them up later tonight after our Air wing dinner at the kabob house. I could have waited and thrown them in the package. Oh well.

After that, I picked up my laundry and dropped some off. Then I went to the dinner and then I signed out the movie "Then she found me". I am watching it now as I blog and then I can't wait until my video chat. One more hour till I see Paul and Logan.

I have 4 more shifts left and 8 more sleeps till I see Paul and Logan.

Love Rae-Lynn

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Angela Reid said...

OMG!!! I watched that movie last night as well!! That is weird. Your package should be on its way. Having some rainy weather here the last few days. Has slowed down our backyard reconstruction. TTYS

Love Angela