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Thursday, August 13, 2009

13 AUG 1629

11 more sleeps till I see my boys!!!

Only 7 more shifts though. Woo hoo.

Dad & Lynn are up in Yellowknife visiting Rob & Rosie. They are having a good time.

I got some good emails yesterday from Mom H and Dad H. I can't believe what happened to Grandpa Hacker. He is like 88 years old and someone at the bank thought his cane was a gun so they called 911 and the police came and scared the crap out of him. Totally ridiculous.

My thoughts and prayers go out to my friend Megan whose Father was just diagnosed with Leukemia.

I am really enjoying the time traveller's wife. Mom H is going to send me a couple books and Robyn said she would send me some that she is finished!! CAn't wait. Will most likely just get them when I get back from my holiday.

My friend Mark got back from his family vacation yesterday and I met up with him at breakfast accidentally. Was a nice surprise.

Seem to be feeling better. I will head to the gym shortly for a workout. Probably just the bike so I can ready my fabulous book.

Didn't sign up for pizza for tonight. Ate too much crap this week.

My American friend at one of the forward operating bases sent me a package today. It was little snacks and treats. Was nice. I had sent him out some girl guide cookies but the guy who was delivering it let someone else eat them. Was horrible.

That's all for now. I will probably go to the gym and then watch the movie "I love you man".

Love Rae-Lynn

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