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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18 AUGUST 2057

Had a good day. I had my first french vanilla capuccino since I have been here. We have a Cpl that goes and gets coffee for everyone every day from Timmies and I don't drink coffee so I don't every get anything but yesterday when I asked her, she had already gone so I missed it. So today I ordered a french vanilla. It was good. Had a busy day today. They moved a flight from tomorrow to today but didn't tell me. I figured it out on my own and was trying to contact everyone to let them know. Hopefully everyone made it. Finished work at around 1615. Still having computer issues.....sucks.

Other than that, was a great day, came home, did the laundry exchange then I went to work out to make sure i would get it in. I was being slack. Friday was my last workout. Today I did 65 minutes on the bike for a new record of 1131 calories burnt and 7.01 miles. Was great. I read my book.

Mom H couldn't pick up the Lost symbol for me because it doesn't come out till sept 15th. She is sending me a couple though. Will most likely get them after my trip.

There is a fly buzzing around my bedspace. He is really annoying.

Then after my shower I started packing up for my trip. I can't wait. 2 more shifts at work, although I will probably have to go in for a little bit on the 21st to make sure Sven is good to go. I hope to sleep in though and then go. We'll see what happens. Then I still won't see Paul and Logan till the 24th. It will have been 124 days since I have seen them. Which reminds me that I need to book their hotel for the night of the 23rd when they get to Frankfurt.

Any takers on driving my car to parksville for me when someone is heading down island. Need to know before Paul takes off.


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