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Sunday, August 9, 2009

09 AUGUST 2024

Had a good day today. Was really busy at work. Went well. We got ice cream today. It was really good . After work I came home and checked email and then went to the gym. I did 38 minutes on the elliptical for 617 calories burnt and 4.0 miles. I did a hardcore 3.0 in 28:32. Was a really good workout. Then I grabbed a quick shower and then we were supposed to have professional development at 1900. I biked in to work and then the people that were supposed to brief us didn't show up.

The good thing is that last night I asked Paul if he thought he needed any kind of letter from me saying it was okay for him to leave the country with Logan. He didn't think so but I asked someone tonight and they said that I do. So I gave Paul a quick call to get some information and then sent an email to the Legal advisor to see if she can draft the letter for me to sign and then I will send it to edmonton with a friend going home tomorrow and then get him to express it to Paul so he will have it. Should work out.

Has been like 46 lately so feels so much cooler than 56!!!

Got a nice email from Rosie in response to my email request. That was it though! I hope more people email me.

Love Rae-Lynn

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Gillian said...

I'm camping and only have my BlackBerry with me, so I'll send you a good email when I get home. :) Miss you!