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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

26 AUGUST 1024

We finally got Logan up at 1000 or so and then we left the hotel and headed to Dachau. We were trying to find food enroute. We unfortunately had mcdonalds again. Logan played on the structure. Then we went to Dachau probably for around 3 hours till 14 something. Then we went to town and found the store so we could buy a couple of red bull for me, some water and food for lunch so we wouldn't have to get fast food. We bought wraps and chicken, and baby bel. Then it was almost 1500 and another 4 hour drive to here. We stopped to get diesel once since we left Frankfurt. 51 euros for a tank. 800 km's. Logan was really good in the car. Paul spent alot of time reading everything at Dachau while I was watching Logan and letting him run around. We stopped to go to the washroom a few times. Then when we went gas, I had to take my laptop in to power it up to get Maria's phone number and where we were supposed to meet. The GPS was a lifesaver. We missed a couple of exits and it re-directed us back to where we were supposed to be. Lots of tunnels. and Lots of tolls to pay. This keyboard has the y and the z in the opposite spot so makes it hard. The directions told us to stop in McDonalds in the town before Jabing. We weren't sure since we had the GPS so we were going to go right to Jabing. But we stopped and it was a good thing we did. It was 2030 or so and Paul went to find a phone, and all of a sudden I looked up and Karl was outside our car. They had went there 2 hours prior and were just waiting and looking at all of the german cars. The AUDI is awesome. It is soooooo much fun. Then we followed Karl and Vanessa to Jabing. They phoned ahead and said we were coming. Everyone was so happy to see us and ran out to the car. Logan was very excited. They had a bike for him to ride from when Martin was little, and a trampoline, a crib. Thez gave us the master bedroom and we said no but they insisted. Finally put Logan to bed at 2245. He didn't want to go to sleep. He slept till 1000 this morning when I woke him up because i smelled poop. We had a nice visit till midnight last night when I had to go to sleep. It was a really long day and I was exhausted. Great- Aunt Mary cooked us a big supper of Austrian Soup, ham, salad etc. Paul had some beer and I had some sparkling wine. Was good. We had a lovely breakfast this morning muesli and pastries. Paul went for a run when he got up. There was a problem with the shower that Karl has never had since they lived here for 12 years. It was 40 degrees and wouldn't cool off. Paul had a shower last night and had to keep shutting it off because it was so hot. Then Karl fixed it this morning. We have a full day of fun stuff ahead of us. We are visiting the relatives around here etc. Regina came last night as well. They loved the gifts from us and the kids love Logan so much. Oh yeah, on the way to Dachau Logan seemed grumpy and then all of a sudden he puked all over himself. We had to pull over and change his outfit and clean it up. Was crazy. Maybe that was why he slept so long. Anyway, they are waiting for me so must go.

Love Rae-Lynn, Paul and Logan.

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