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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My internet is down again so I can’t blog but I will get it ready so I can upload it in the morning if it is back up. I had an okay day at work today. Not too busy at all. Was really hot in there though. There is almost 50 computers in the room and only 2 air conditioners working right now. It is like a sweat shop.

Cute Logan story. There is no tub in the hotel so Logan has to shower with Paul. Last night Logan was in the shower waiting for Paul and he started smiling and laughing and then took a pee. Paul was like, Nooooooo, lol. I though it was too funny.

After work, I got to leave at 1525 but the closer gate was busted so I had to go all the way around. Good times. All sweaty by the time I got home. Then I surfed the net, for a bit and then I read my book until 1930 or so. Oh yeah, I biked down to get my laundry right after work as well. Then I went to the gym. I have had zero motivation lately. I did a 2 minute warm up and then ran for 20 minutes and then 4 minute cool down for 26 minutes total and 2.01 miles, and 304 calories. Then I did 35 minutes on the bike for 3.6 miles/km and 602 calories burnt.

Then I grabbed a quick shower and then came home. I intended on blogging but I can’t because the internet is down. After this I am going to read a bit and then go to sleep.

5 th August is day 100 here and 105 since I left home. I see Paul and Logan on day 120 here or 125 since they saw me. My last shift should be on the 20th, and I should have the 21st off .

I hope Paul can find his and Logan’s passports. They are all packed up in boxes. My house is empty. It is very sad.

I feel bad for Paul having to deal with the house, Habibi’s death, being a single Father, and his work situation.

Please pray for us.

Love Rae-Lynn

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