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Friday, August 7, 2009

6 august post

My internet is down again so I can’t blog but I will get it ready so I can upload it in the morning if it is back up. Sounds familiar eh?

Had an alright day but I am feeling really depressed about everything that happened at home and how stressed Paul is. I hope he will be able to relax and de-stress on our vacation.

My arm is pretty sore so I am going to go to sick parade tomorrow morning and see if they can hook me up with the brace. Gill says it will be good to use when I sleep and as much as I can.

Left work at 1600, walked home. Seems a little cooler. Probably only 46 or 48 vice 56. Cooler isn’t the right word. Less hot maybe. I biked down to laundry and dropped off and picked it up.

Came back and checked my email. Then the internet went down at 1730 so I took a little nap till 1830 and then I went in to work for pizza. Was great. Although I feel crappy now for eating it. Oh well.

I am really sore from my run the other day so probably won’t make it to the gym till tomorrow. I may be going to a bbq so that should be fun. MP’s invited me.

Paul should be moving home today after work even though there is still no floor. They have installed a toilet for him at least. Poor guy has so much on his plate right now and they are screwing him over at work as well which really annoys me. He has a new Sgt coming in at the end of the month who I think will be awesome and supportive so that will be nice.

Love Rae-Lynn

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