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Monday, August 17, 2009

18 AUGUST 0316

I had a an alright day. I was super tired all day. NOt sure why I was so drained. Anyways, made it through the day, walked home, checked email etc and then fell asleep at 1700 and was going to get up at 1800 and but didn't get up till 0300 this morning cause I had to go to the bathroom. So then I decided to do my blog an then I'll go back to sleep.

Not much to report. Didn't make it to the gym because I crashed hard in bed.

3 more shifts and 5 more sleeps till I see my boys.

I am getting really anxious for my holiday. The countdown to the elections is on. I hope things don't get too crazy. One of my computers was down all day which was really annoying. I had to find workarounds and use other people's etc. was so annoying.

I'm gonna start packing tonight!!!
Love Rae-Lynn

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