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Monday, May 11, 2009

12 May 0121

I was really really tired after my shift last night. I trudged home, watched an episode of Criminal Minds and then went to sleep. I got to sleep probably at around 0930 or 1000 but I was woken up at 1500 or so. I am not sure what Patti was doing but she was loud. So I got up, went to the gym, did a 2.0 mile run (26 min) and some walking. Only 31 minute workout, then I did laundry drop off and pick up, showered, and then got back to bed just after 1800. Then I got up at 2300 to come to work for the midnight shift. I ran over and had a quick midnight meal and now I am back at work.

I was able to call my Mom yesterday so that was nice. She doesn't have internet so she and I can only correspond by mail.

Patti should be good to work on her own in a couple of nights so that is good.

Paul said that at mass on Saturday night, Father read the MND's message for Mother's Day and mentioned that I was away and probably missing Logan or something like that. He said a lady from church came up to him and asked him if I have received the package that she sent me. Sounds like I am getting a package!!!!

Hope everyone is well.


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