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Saturday, May 16, 2009

17 May 0242

Went to breakfast after my watch and then went to call Paul. We got disconnected and I couldn't get him back (after 9 minutes) so I was worried that there was a communication lockdown and that our video chat would be cancelled. It was just a power outtage at the satellite when I called and he said would be good by 1600. Went to my room, watched an episode of criminal minds. Couldn't sleep, read 50 pages of a book, played Skipbo 3 times. Finally got to sleep at 1400 or so. Had to get up at 1930, massage 2000-2050. Was awesome. Only $20 US. Then I went to get ready for my video chat. It was wonderful except it seemed that Logan didn't know who I was. He was probably confused because he has never seen me on tv. Was wonderful to see him and Paul. They are joined at the hip now. Logan was falling asleep in his arms. He was up till 2130 last night (they had a bbq) at the beach, and then he was up early at 0630. We had that for 35 minutes and then I went to the gym. I ran the first mile in 11 minutes, and then I walked a half mile at various inclines and speeds and then I ran the last half mile to 2 miles at a fast pace and then walked after 2.0 miles. Was good. Gym was dead at 2230. Then I showered and came to work. Loving this shift and working by myself.

Tomorrow I have mass at 0900 and then PD at 1900. I also have to go to supply so I am hoping Mark can give me a lift again!

41 here today apparently!!!


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