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Thursday, May 21, 2009

22 May 0108

Finished work at 0830, walked home, and started to watch the movie can't remember its name right now. Basically mall cop with Seth Rogan. It is pretty shitty but watched half of it. Then went to sleep just after 1000. Was woken up at 1500 and had to get up for a bit but then went back to sleep at around 1530 or so. Slept till 2000 and then woke up to my alarm but went back to sleep until 2100. Got up, went to the gym, did 15 minutes on the bike 1.3 miles and then 17 minutes on the elliptical for 1.57 miles. Was a good workout. When I got to the shower I found out that the water was off. Not sure what was going on. I grabbed a 24 pack of water bottles and had a water bottle shower. Including washing my hair I used 16. It was still a good shower. The water was warm. There was no way I was going to work like that. I probably wouldn't have worked out had I knew that the water was down.

Prepared a sympathy card for Pat and Rob Ralph. Rob's Mom Isobel (Mom & Dad Hacker's) neighbour passed away. She was a lovely lady.

Got an awesome email from Nadia yesterday and another good one today!

When I was talking to Paul last night Logan said "puppy" clear as day!!! Was sooooo cool. He'll be talking up a storm in no time.

hmmm, nothing else really going on. Should be a slow shift tonight. Not much to do.
I should be on this shift for another 2 weeks most likely.

oh yeah, Jen asked if the waking up all the time sucked. Yeah it sort of does. It would be nice to just sleep for 8 hours. When I have the 1600-midnight shift then it will be awesome. Then I can sleep through until I wake up!!!


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