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Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 May 2123

Awesome day. After my post this morning I headed over to work. As always,it was insanely busy. Sven told me at breakfast that he wanted us to switch to 6 hour shifts by ourselves until the HLTA's started. I thought it was awesome. Tomorrow is my last shift with Sven from from 0800-1600. Then on monday I will start shifts from 1300-1900. It will be awesome. Then when Patti goes on leave I will do dayshift from 0800-1600, paul will be 1600-midnight and Sven will take midnight-0800. Then when Sven leaves he switches with Patti and I am already dayshift. Then when he gets back he takes my shift and I go away and then when Paul goes away I will do 1600-midnight, and then after all HLTA's the last month and a halfish will be back to the 6 hour shifts. I think it will be great.

Then at 1130 I got a ride over to the market with my friend Mark and his buddy from work Mike. I exchanged my dvd's that didn't work. For Logan I was able to get looney tunes 10 disk collection instead of the chinese thomas. I exchanged my 3 dvd's that didn't work for forgetting sarah marshall, my best friends' girl, and yes Man, and ghosts of girlfriends's past.

I bought a webcam for $30 US, exchanged my piece of shit laptop vacuum for an awesome headset with microphone. I sweat a ton. It was crazy. Got back to work, missed lunch. Sven then went to the market when I got back. Then we finished up work at around 1645 and I walked home with my treasures. Went online for a bit. I actually managed to video chat with my friend Andrew in Japan. Was cool. Then i went to supper at the Asian Mess. I know I said I wasn't gonna. I ate from the western line. Had a piece of meat. Can't remember the name but it was good and the rice was amazing. Then came back and went online some more.

Was able to try out my webcam and headset with Paul. It went not great but was alright. He was in a hurry to take Logan to childcare so he could have some free time. Was cool.

Will chat with them again tomorrow night. Will be great.

That's all for now. I bought some other stuff at the market but I don't want to ruin any surprises.

Paul and Logan got letter #1 from me on thursday. That is taking a long time. Rayna and Lynne finally got their birthday cards too.


Was awesome.

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