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Friday, May 15, 2009

16 may 0342

Holy crap.

I have been crazy busy for the last 4 hours on shift. Lots of fires to put out.

After watch this morning I went home, watched an episode of criminal minds and then went to sleep at 1100 or 1200. I overslept, missed my alarm, was late for PD. Didn't get in crap but afterwards I bought a 2nd alarm clock. That is what happens when they make you go to a meeting when your body is normally sleeping. I also missed pizza night but they saved my pizza for me and I ate it at 1940 when I showed up. Went back to my tent, did a laundry run and then went to the gym for a 30 minute walk. Stomach was upset after my pizza. One supper/week we can have pizza from pizza hut if we want. Value up to $8, we don't go to the mess and then they pay for the pizza. The pizza is $9 so it cost me $1.

After watch I will go right to sleep after breakfast since I have massage at 2000-2050 and then vtc with Paul and Logan at 2130, and then watch at midnight.



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