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Sunday, May 24, 2009

25 May 0555

Went to bed at 2200 last night after watching an episode of criminal minds. Slept soundly till 0330. Then I had to go to the bathroom so up I went. Then I was wide awake. Will be hard switching shifts. SO I lay there until 0400 and then decided to watch an episode of criminal minds. It was awesome. Then I lay there some more and decided to get up. I was starving too. I am used to eating breakfast at 0530 or 0600. So I got up and showered and then came over to use the internet for a bit. I think it will be a long day since I am up so early. Oh well. I'll get used to it.

Sven and I will leave at 0700 to head over to eat and then go in to work.

Then I have my facial at 1900 tonight. CAn't wait. i have a few monster zits on my face that are very very annoying.

Left Rick a birthday message on his phone last night. It is still his birthday right now in Canada!
That's all for now!


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