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Saturday, May 23, 2009

24 May 0205

Hey everyone.

This is my last midnight shift for awhile. Patti is apparently ready to take over the shift. I'll start monday on days with Sven from 0800-1600. I am going to be soooooo tired. Will be nice to sleep at night though!!!! And it won't be such a pain in the ass going to sunday night PD.

Left work at 0830, was in bed by 0900 I believe. Slept through until 1715 when Sven and Patti came back. Got up, went down to drop off a bag of laundry. Showed up at 1800 for the 1900 bbq. Didn't recognize anyone so came in to work to see what was happening. Went back out at 1830 and sven and Patti were there. Had a piece of steak and some salad and a bun. The flies kept landing on my food so I had to keep shooing them away. Was kinda gross. Didn't get to drink my 2 beer since I am on watch tonight. Then went to church 2000-2100. It wasn't great. Too much french for one, and then secondly english was their second language and the sound system wasn't great.

Then walked around the boardwalk a bit. Went back and showered, and got ready for work.

Found a way better deal on rental cars. National car rental is quoting me $156.00 canadian total for 18 days!!! Sweet. That is pick up and drop off in frankfurt. We will see what happens.

I am off for a full 24 hours after this shift!!! Will be a nice little break. Will be hard to get in to the day routine though.

That's all for now.


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