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Sunday, May 10, 2009

11 May 0151

Finished my watch, went home, changed into civies, picked up laundry and then headed to mass for 0900-1000. Then I went to try and find supply since I wasn't issued a reflective belt and they made it mandatory to wear them as of tonight. I walked for around 20 minutes and then realized that I didn't know where it was. I found the MP shack and went in there to ask directions and they showed me and it was still quite far from where I was. Then a tech that was there fixing something told me that he would give me a ride there if I wanted to wait 5 minutes. I said hell yeah since it was getting up to 41 degrees. He gave me a ride there and waited the 2 minutes for me to get the belt and then drove me back to my barracks. Was awesome!!! Then I didn't get to sleep unti after 1200. I had to come in to work for 1900 for professional development so I was only able to sleep until 1800. After Professional development I tried to sleep again at 2000 but not sure how long it took me to fall asleep. Then I had to get up at 2300 to shower and get ready for work. A little tired but I will go to sleep right after I am done work probably tomorrow. I think I will only be on this shift for another 2-3 nights and then I will shift by a half shift so I will come in at 0400 to check Patti's work and then shadow the day shift for 4 hours. I will do like 2 of those shifts and then shift to 0800-1600 to shadow the day shift. After that, then I think we will have a few more shadowing for the other guys to see other shifts and then hopefully we can go to 6 hour shifts until the HLTA's start (our trips home or abroad). The shifts will be 0600-1200, 1200-1800, 1800-midnight, and midnight-0600. I will be doing the 1200-1800 shift most likely. I got my dates for my trip. I will be in Europe from the 25th of August-11th of September. We are already starting to look for flights.

I got my first piece of mail today. I got a letter from my Grandma. It was very cool. She mailed it on the 28th of April from Winnipeg so it didn't take that long to get here. Writing her and my Mom a quick note today since they both don't have email.

Didn't make it to the gym today but I figure I'm okay with all of the walking that I did.


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