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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today was a pretty good day. After my watch I went to the gym and did a 30 minute walk since I had just run the night before. Give the old knees a break, then I did a laundry run, changed the sheets on my bed, showered, and got ready to go to the market. Paul and I headed to Timmies and we had bagels. Then I headed down to the market. It is about a 15 minute walk or so from my tent. I bought some more dvd's, a cable to connect my pda to my computer (still won't charge), not sure what is wrong with it. It is only 5 years old!!! lol.

I got back to my room at around 1300 or later. Skipped lunch. I watched the 2nd episode of criminal minds season 1. Then it was 1530 so I decided to go to sleep. I slept until around 2200 and then got up, had a shower and got ready for work.

Now I am at work.

Tomorrow, I have mass at 0900, and then I will probably sleep since we have training tomorrow night at 1900 for probably a half hour and then I will up until my shift at midnight.

At the market they are selling a 136 dvd collection of walt disney movies. This includes barbie dvd's, a whole bunch. They want $120 US for it and I want to know if anyone thinks that is a good deal. Man I'm cheap!!! Wish they sold scrapbooking stuff here!!!

It was 36 degrees here today, will be 38 tomorrow and then 41 for the next 2 days after that!


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