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Sunday, May 17, 2009

18 May 0241

I was walking back from the washroom this morning and I blew an ankle. It totally rolled hard and is still very sore.

Finished work, and then I had to scramble to find a way to supply to get the tan cover for my ballistic vest. It is a pain going there. Couldn't get a hold of Mark. Ended up being able to get the Air Wing vehicle from Jeep. It is an automatic. I was soooo happy. I thought it would be a standard and everything is left hand drive so thought it would be hard to shift with my left. IT was auto that was cool!!! Drove to the shacks, grabbed my vest, took it to supply, got the new cover which isn't actually a cover. I had to remove all of the insides of my green one and re put the tan one together. Sucked but I got it done. Also was able to exchange the other shirt I had to exchange. I loved driving!!!! I thought it would suck but it was fun. Then I watched an episode of Criminal Minds and then went to sleep at around 1200 I think. I missed church since I had to run around to supply. Slept till 1800 and then I had to get up to go to PD> It was from 1900-1920 so then I went to the mess and grabbed a bite to eat, then dropped off and picked up laundry. After that I went back to bed at around 2030 since I was still tired. Got up at 2245 and showered and then came to work at 2330.

Been busy since I got on but slowing down now for a bit.

Sven said he is going to keep Patti on the dayshift for awhile. I think it is a good plan since she must learn.

I bought 4 shower loofahs at the dutch duty free since they are out at the BX and I hear that happens alot. They were $1.10 each. Probably the only thing in that store that is a good price.

Ankle is still sore so no pt today.

I think it was 41 today.


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