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Friday, May 22, 2009

23 May 0238

Hello again.

Today was good, frustrating at times but good none the less.

I left work at 0830, and went home and changed into civies. Then I took my laptop to the boardwalk down by timmies. They have free wireless internet. I thought, let's give it a shot. My laptop has to be plugged in so I found a spot at a picnic table. Unfortunately it was really hot so I was in the sun. I waited 24 minutes to try and get my hotmail to load before I gave up. Dust was getting on my laptop and I was annoyed. So I got in the walk thru line (they have a walk thru window which is normally quicker) than waiting in the main line that gets to go inside in the A/C. I had a bagel. It was good. Dave was there so sat to chat. I also saw Joshy there. He was on my nav course in winnipeg. After that I walked home and finished watching the movie I started yesterday. It is called Observe and REport. Not great and I am a huge Seth Rogan fan. Then I watched an episode of criminal minds! It was really really good. Oh yeah, I did go to the PX and I bought a bag of chips. It was on sale for 75% off so was only .75 vice $3.05. I was good though, I only had a handful and then put it away. I will make it last a whole week!!!

Then I went to sleep until 2030. I got up and by the time I got to laundry it was 2100 on the dot on my watch but 2105 on their clock on the wall and the doors were locked. There was people inside who gave me my laundry but they wouldn't take the one I had with me. Was very annoying. Sucked carrying 2 bags back with me.

After that I went over and quickly checked my email and then went to the gym.

I had an awesome workout. I did 33 minutes on the elliptial for 3.0 miles. My first 2 miles were hardcore 21 minutes but the last one was slacker. I did the random mode. Was fun. Then I did 6 pushups and 10 situps. Not great but you gotta start somewhere.

Now I am at work.

Market is cancelled again tomorrow.

I have a bbq tomorrow night at 1900 where we would normally get our 2 drinks/month but I am on watch at midnight and no drinking within 8 hours of going on duty. Then I have church at 2000-2100.

That's all for now.

oh yeah I think we are flying into and out of frankfurt for our trip. We can rent a car from peugeot buyback. It is a brand new car and we get it for $1500. It is alot but the train would be alot too and there wouldn't be as much freedom. We still have to finalize what we are doing. I think it is an extra $290 to pick up and drop off in germany vice france. Flights return to france were more expensive as well.

Dad is off to BC in July to visit Paul and Logan and give him a break. Everyone is excited. Lynn had other commitments unfortunately. He will be there from 2 July-21 July. I am sure Paul is looking forward to the help!


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