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Sunday, August 23, 2009

23 AUGUST 1854

Had a pretty good day today although I woke up at 0700. Showered, did some laundry, had breakfast. Poached eggs were great. Then we caught the 1000 bus to town. We walked around a bit and then finally found the gold place. I just bought myself a silver puzzle ring for $7 US. I love it. My friend bought a 1400 pair of earrings and my other friend spent $4000 on a diamond ring for his Mom.

I bought a diesel back pack since I forgot mine in Canada. I got it for $28. Love it. I also picked up the converter/adaptor plugs for Europe. 2 at $5 each. Great deal. I also bought myself a D&G belt and a levis one for Paul. Also good deals. I paid $68 total for the backpack, and the 2 belts.

Oh yeah, and I bought us some saffron. Hope it is good.

Then we went to the Hyatt hotel for lunch, they all had sushi so I went to the spa instead. I had a 30 minute massage and some waxing. Not bad. My one friend paid $50 for his lunch. My massage was $60 US, and my waxing was $40 US. Was an alright deal especially since I didn't have an appointment. There was an ice rink inside the hotel. Was sooooo crazy. Didn't get any pics.

Came back at 1600 and I had a monster headache. Laid down for a bit and then we went to supper. My friend Julie went back to town on the 1800 bus till 2200 but I was too tired. I catch a bus at 0500 tomorrow to the airport to catch my 0825 flight to Frankfurt. Can't wait. Paul and Logan should be there now and hanging out. I hope he isn't having problems driving around and that they find me no problem tomorrow. Will be a long night and a long flight anticipating seeing them.

My t-shirts are like big bags on me. So funny because when I was bigger they just fit and now they are like tents.

So humid here.

talk to you next from Germany.

Love Rae-Lynn

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you to see your boys!!!! Hope you at least got some sleep before you had to catch your bus! Enjoy Europe and your time with Paul and Logan!