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Saturday, May 2, 2009

day 5

Just wrapping up day 5 in paradise!!!

I was on watch last night from midnight until 0800 this morning. There is tons to learn so I was busy the whole time. The person that was teaching us is teaching Patti and myself and Patti has limited computer skills for a 98% computer job so it is pretty frustrating. I am trying to learn the job while I have the other person here so I can teach Patti because this shift will eventually be Patti's by herself and I will be doing one of the day shift. They want officers on during the day.

After watch this morning I grabbed a breakfast and then was going to take a nap but Saturday is the market. The afghanis bring in goods to sell to us. We have to wear pants. Shorts aren't allowed. I headed up that way at 1000 because I wanted to stop at the duty free store. There wasn't anything I was interested in. Prices didn't seem that great. They had lots of chocolate, smokes of course, booze we aren't allowed to buy, toiletries, kids toys, clothes, and some electronics. Then I walked up to the market. You bargain for everything. I have to carry a 9 mm handgun around with 2 magazines. The holster I was issued wasn't very comfortable. I wore it on my belt but it was a pain every time I had to go to the bathroom so I was on a mission to buy a cheap shoulder holster. I got a nice one that I like for $7. He wanted $10 but I got him down. I also bought a pair of ipod headphones for $5 which was a good deal and the cable that connects the ipod to the computer for $6. I forgot mine at home. These headphones are awesome!!! I also bought seasons 1-4 of rescue me, seasons 1-5 or 1-4 of Criminal Minds, and then 6 movies: Kandahar, bride wars, obsessed, paul blart mall cop, step-brothers, and role models. A couple of them don't work so I will take them back next saturday and exchange them. There was tons of stuff for sale, carpets, pashminas, marble chess sets (very nice), watches, handbags. You name it, tons of stuff. Then I came back from the market and had lunch and tried to sleep. I got up at 2000 so not sure how much sleep I got between 1400 and 2000. Then I had a shower and now I am online. I am on watch again at midnight. I am hungry since I skipped supper to sleep but the mess is open at 2300-0100 so I will grab something on my way in to work. The food here is very good. There is 4 messes. Bangkok asian mess which I will avoid like the plague!!! then there is the Luxembourg which is closest to work so I will grab my midnight meal there and breakfast after work. There is the Niagara mess which is the canadian one which is my favorite. and then there is the cambridge british mess. Lots of fried stuff and curry. It is a bit of a walk. There is alot of selection. You can have the hot meal, then there is the pasta bar, sandwich bar, and short order fast food section.

Sven hooked up $70 US/month internet in his bunk space. Not sure if I will. This is working pretty good right now.

It actually rained last night for a bit which was nice!!!

My bunk space is pretty comfy.

Showers and washrooms are great. Most of the bathrooms are flush toilets. If I am sleeping I just go to the port a pottie because it is 30 feet from my tent whereas the showers/washrooms are a city block distance or so.

Not sure if I blogged that I got to watch slumdog millionaire and 4 holidays on the plane on the way to quebec. They were both awesome.

There is tons of french speaking canadians here so most people think we are all french now and are surprised when we speak english!!!

That's all for now.


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're settling in pretty well. It's great to see your updates :-) I'm still on course in Borden until Thursday when Nate and Dale arrive for a short visit over Mother's Day. It's going to be rather hectic trying see everyone. Gill and Brandon will be here too which I am excited about too!

Hope you're next few days go well too!