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Sunday, July 12, 2009

12 JULY 1606


Had a good day. Up and busy all day. I was happy because as I walked in to work I saw a package there for me. I got an awesome Package from Rolly & Robyn. A wonderful birthday card and the following: sour sticks which I shared around, an awesome Tweed water bottle, a tweed eq pen, some juice cystals, 2 magnetic tweed erasable notes, some cardstock, a yahtzee game, a tweed eq drink holder, 3 movies: Ther Perfect man, Head over heels, and In good company, some foam snowflakes, 2 books: The tenth circle, and My sister's keeper, and a People Magazine!!! Was awesome!!!

Was pretty busy at work today but not super crazy busy. Finished at 1545 and walked home, now blogging and then will relax. I have a laundry run to do but I think I will take a night off from the gym. We'll see.

Had an awesome video chat last night with Dad, Paul and Logan. Logan is sooooo funny. Dad is really enjoying his visit!

I just got back from mailing a package to Paul. Was 16 kg and only cost $36.00. It will probably take a month to get there. I got to drive a standard with my left hand. Was cool!!

Supper with the air wing tonight at Subway.

Love Rae-Lynn

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