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Thursday, July 23, 2009

23 JULY 1635

Had a great day today. I was super crazy busy but I got alot of stuff done.

And I got 4 packages in the mail today!!! Was fabulous.

I got a huge box of girl guide cookies from the Comox MFRC. They were fundraised by a local Comox Troop. I shared them with everyone and left them out. I also set aside a box for Patti, Paul and Sven each. I kept a box for myself as well. 2 cookies is 140 calories. holy cow. Have to watch that.

Package #2 was a surprise package from Annalee. She sent me some awesome stickers for scrapbooking and some awesome fibres, some gummies and other candy as well and some trail mix. Was super cool.

Package #3 was from the Mombos. Must have been before they moved. They sent me 2 bags of chips, a huge tootsie roll, a whole bunch of candy, a Hawaiian lay, some stickers, a Canada ball, a Merry Christmas pin in a little Christmassy container, hand sanitizer, a little Catscratch stuffy from mcD's, a painted rock, a set of 5 dice, a compass, a little yoyo, some pics of their house in Hawaii, a wonderful hand made card, a logic problems book, Cdn scrapbooker magazine,an awesome necklace from Hawaii and a pocket sudoku which I love but I can't figure out how to shut off the sound so I can play it. I love sudoku now!!!! And a super sweet yet very sad letter from Ryan talking about how much he misses me. I miss you and love you too Ryan!!

Package 4: was my scrapbooking stuff that I ordered. A couple of acrylic stamp sets that I can use on cards, can't wait!!! As well as a couple of edge punches. One does a postage stamp edge and the other is called parisian. She threw in some extras for me: One is a kit to make a simple star album, a nice handmade thank you card, some 6 x 6 patterned paper, some envelopes and a sample of cordinations card stock as well as a few flowers, 4 pretty buttons, and 15 brads!! I cannot wait to play with this stuff. The stamps I bought are super cool. The stamps are by Inkadinkado. One set has 9 acrylic flower stamps. The 2nd set has a turtle, 3 dogs 2 cats a fish and a lizard. I can't wait to colour them and use them on cards.

Was really hot again today. Really hot at work. Gross Sven just farted really loud as he is sleeping. I hate when he does that.

Thank you to everyone!

I'll probably relax a bit, play with my stuff, and then head to the gym for a workout.!

Miss you all

Love Rae-Lynn

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