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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

28 JULY 1912

Had a good day today! Was really busy at work today. It went well. I even took the time to go to the mess hall for lunch instead of eating it at my desk. I love the new database. It is alot of fun. I did alot of work with it and updating files etc.

After work I was relaxing in my room for a bit and then I took a little bike ride down to the new canada house store. Patti found a bike that belongs to no one and appropriated it. It was a great ride. It was fun. It is a bike like I love. I'll have to take a pic of it. The only problem is that one of the pedals is missing so you have just the piece of medal to push on one and the other is good. Wasn't that big of a deal. I get a $100 US tour gift. You can pick something out of a catalogue like north face jackets, ipods, cameras, hard drives. There is alot to pick from. Or you can buy anything you want here at camp and then you bring in your receipt and they give your $100 US back. I didn't know what to get and missed the deadline for the catalogue stuff. I was going to get the hardrive. It is 500 GB, It would have ended up costing me $18. I decided to get myself the IPOD touch 8 GB for $229. After I hand in my receipt it will have only cost me $129. Not bad eh?? My palm pilot crapped out when I got here so I thought it was a good plan. I'll pass my ipod 4 GB. I hope he wants it!! If he doesn't I'm sure Logan will love it!!!

Paul told me there is a movie coming out called "the time traveller's wife" that he wants to watch with me. I'll hold off on buying it. I won't be at the market for awhile anyway! Sven left today for his HLTA. As soon as he gets back I leave the next day. Can't wait.

I am super stoked about my new ipod touch!!! I think it is awesome!! It is charging now as I wait 1.5 hours for the ipod software to download.

Hope everyone is well and that everyone has an awesome long weekend. I wish!!!

Love Rae-Lynn

Shortly I'll be off to the gym.

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The Selman's said...

Brian just got a touch as well and it is awesome! I am le jealous! ;)