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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

30 JULY 0331

Had a pretty good day but I felt tired all day. Nothing much was going on at work so maybe I was bored too. Got really busy from 1430 till 1545 when I was able to leave. I walked home. Stopped for a bagel on the way home from Timmies. I didn't make it to the gym on the 28th. To make matters worse I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my left butt cheek just from sitting on my bed the wrong way. Man did that hurt. So all day on the 29th it bothered me. Came home, checked my email etc till 1730 and then I was tired so I thought I would take a little nap and then get up at 1830, and go get laundry and go to the gym. Nope, I just woke up at 0300. crappy, now my sleep is going to be all screwed up. I decided to blog and then give Paul a quick call and hopefully catch him and then go back to sleep.

BBQ on the 1st of August. I wanted wine but apparently I have to go with beer. crappy.

Just talked to Paul. Bad news. He came home to a flooded house. The new fridge blew a gasket or something or and leaked water all day. He said there was an inch of water all thru the house and it was raining in the basement. Phil and Camille came over to get Logan so Paul could deal with the mess. Crappy.

Love Rae-Lynn

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