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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 JULY 2204

Had an awesome day full of packages!!!

I had a package waiting at work when I got there this morning from Nancy, Andrew & Nevenka. Was very nice. They sent me a birthday card, an essential oils floral reed diffuser, a chocolate banana spread, a snickers bar, a chocolate dip with cookie batons, 2 packs of butterscotch candy, stickers, a glass God is love container to put the essential oil thing in and a suduko book!! Thank you Andrew, Nancy & Nevenka.

Work was retarded busy till around 1330 when I was able to go grab my lunch and come back. Then my friend Tom called at 1430 to say that I had received a package and it was on his desk. I ran over to get it. It was a birthday package from Nadia: birthday card, 2 soap opera digest, 1 entertainment weekly magazine, stickers and some red cardstock cards that I will put to great use. Was super awesome. She mailed it on the 8 July and it was here by the 15th. That is super fast. I love using his American Address. Thank you Nadia.

Then when I was leaving work at 1600 the sigs guy was bringing in a whole bunch of packages and he said there was a couple for me. I got a birthday package from Colleen. She sent me a 3 pack of nailpolish which will be awesome for my toes, a little green stuffed frog, 4 packs of crystal light, and a beautiful notebook. Thank you so much Colleen. I love it.

The other package was from my scrapbooking friends in Comox: Barb, Jodi, Gill and Laurel. There was a beautiful handmade birthday card with a pic of us all together before I left, a pack of mini-toblerone bars, a pack of assorted chocolate bars, a pack of hot rod pepperoni sticks, a handmade little post it note notebook holder and pen (super cute), and a very adorable handmade paper crafted set of drawers mini with a stampin up lip balm, candies, and wonderful sayings. a Canadian Scrapbooker mag, as well as Creative Keepsakes and Paper Crafts Magazine. A totally awesome package. Thank you so much.

I then walked home carrying all of my awesome packages. I am addicted to sudoku now. I think I tried it awhile ago and didn't like it but I did it today and I love it. Good little brain game!!!

I have a canker on the side of my tongue that is really bothering me. It always rubs on my teeth and is quite painful. Other than that, all is good.

I was pretty bagged tonight, I got home and opened all of my packages and then read my canadian scrapbooker mag cover to cover and checked my email. I lay down at 1730 with the light on and dozed on and off till 2200. Now I am up, blogging and debating on dragging my butt to the gym. Maybe I'll go on the bike and read my book since I slept so long. I hope it doesn't screw up my sleep tonight.

I was quite overwhelmed by all of the posts on facebook, emails and packages that I have received for my birthday. It made my birthday extra special even though I am over here and not with my loved ones. Thank you so much. It means alot to me to know you guys are thinking of me.

Love Rae-Lynn

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